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Logo Champagne Tribaut-Schloesser

Our vineyard

An organic vineyard
in the Brunet Valley

Our brand and vineyard,
the foundations of a fine wine

Each harvest, TRIBAUT-SCHLOESSER makes wine from the equivalent of 40 hectares from our family vineyard and grapes from neighboring growers.

A prime location

Brunet Valley

The entire Tribaut-Schloesser vineyard lies in this valley set back from the Marne and next to Montagne de Reims. Its location gives the Brunet Valley the best of both worlds in terms of soil and exposure in two key champagne regions: the Marne Valley’s signature clay-limestone soil joins forces with the incredibly chalky Montagne de Reims soil, a predominant feature of the Crayères, Pitances and Mère Vignes plots. The SSE-facing vineyard gets the ultimate in sunshine.

The Chardonnays is delicious and fruity with an earthy mouthfeel whilst the Pinot Meunier has real structure and acidity.

Our vineyard has been approved as organic since 2023. We use tillage and/or ground cover to lock in our rich soil and we treat it with natural products.

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Our Grapes

Additional fruit from four other neighbouring vineyard sites or terroirs, (including Ecueil Premier Cru, Venteuil and Verneuil) bring greater complexity to the Tribaut-Schloesser blends.

We have loyal relationships with each grower in each of these areas. They work hard to provide us with the best quality grapes in line with the same sustainable growing methods we use in our vineyard.